Software and app localisation services

English-French and German-French

To satisfy your French customers.

Your project

  • Launch your application or software on the French market
  • Make sure your French-speaking users are satisfied
  • Keep support requests to a minimum

What I offer

  • Localisation services English-French and German-French
  • Translation done with your CMS
  • Proofreading and improving existing content
  • Post-localisation tests

English-French and German-French localisation services

Localisation: definition

Do you need a French version of your software, digital service or application?
Localisation involves translating and adapting an interface, documentation and content (both front-end and back-end) to a foreign target audience.
This is an important stage in taking your application to market. To be successful, it must be adapted to the target culture. French users should find it intuitive.

How do you localise an application?

Ideally, the translator works with the software itself (online or beta) to see the terms in their actual context.
I adapt to your technical constraints to simplify the localisation process. I’ll work closely with your staff to ensure that the brief if perfectly understood and that everything runs smoothly.

What does the localisation service cover?

I offer professional German to French and English to French localisation services, comprising:

  • adaptation of your application, in the original file format, or in your CMS,
  • revision and improvement of existing content,
  • test of French interface.

What about my other material?

At the same time, I can translate your technical documentation as well as your marketing material and website content.