Specialist fields

Web, IT and new technology, photography, renewable energy, corporate communication

For businesses, NGOs and publishers

Specialist translation – My technical expertise

Web, IT and new technology

  • Internet and networks, web design, web hosting, software, IT equipment and networks. Mainstream electronics, audio-visual systems, tablets, smartphones, accessories, home automation.
  • Électronique grand public, systèmes audio et vidéo, tablettes, smartphones, accessoires, domotique.
  • Among others: technical documents, software help, online help, technical and marketing brochures, white papers.


  • Digital photography.
  • Cameras, photographic equipment (accessories), digital photography practice, image editing.
  • Technical documents, press releases, marketing texts, explanatory texts and exhibition descriptions.

Renewable energy

  • Solar power, hydraulics and wind turbines and relevant electrical equipment. Documents on ecology, the environment and sustainable development.
  • For example: user and set-up manuals, technical and marketing brochures, communication copy, sustainability reports.

Corporate Communication

  • Internal corportate communication: staff training documents, procedures, human resources, etc.
  • External corporate communication: press releases, progress reports, corporate magazines, various communication copy, correspondence.

Other fields

Industry and technical fields

  • Transport and storage, electronics, measuring and controls, production equipment.
  • Technical documentation, press releases, marketing documents.

For NGOs

  • Child protection, health awareness, charities.
  • Environmental protection.
  • PR campaigns, newsletters, magazines, websites.