Marketing translation and transcreation services

English-French and German-French

Connect with your clients. Speak their language.

Your project

  • Market your products and services in French-speaking countries
  • Connect with your prospects and clients
  • Speak the language of your target market

What I offer

  • Marketing translation services English-French and German-French
  • Adaptation of slogans
  • Transcreation

Translation of marketing copy and transcreation English-French and German-French

Why differentiate between marketing and technical translation?

As the name suggests, technical translation concerns technical documents (user manuals, online help etc.). Marketing documents concern promotional material and corporate communication such as brochures, point-of-sale material, print or digital advertising campaigns.

This material plays a key role in the success of your business in a foreign market.

Although technical precision is important, the emphasis here is on style and readability.
My translations reflect the original content and are adapted to suit your target market. Industrial equipment and mobile telephones require a different tone!

What is transcreation?

Advertising content requires transcreation, which is a step beyond adaptation. Rather than translate directly, I adapt the message to account for French culture, in order to produce a similar effect to that produced by the original.
Slogans require thorough knowledge of the target market, excellent writing skills and plenty of creativity.

What does the service include?

This service includes:

  • Client brief, to specify your exact requirements, your message and target audience.
  • Transcreation and adaptation from German or English to French.
  • For larger projects: coordination of a team of experienced, creative translators

I need other content translated. Is that possible?

Of course! To establish your brand’s French persona and ensure consistency, it makes sense to have all your documents and website content translated by the same person. I can also write copy directly in French.