Translation and SEO

English-French and German-French

To stand out from the crowd.

Your project

  • Produce an informative, convincing website
  • Use your blog to generate leads
  • Increase your e-commerce sales
  • Improve your search engine ranking

What I offer

  • Keyword research for your product and business line
  • SEO translation English-French and German-French
  • On-page optimisation
  • SEA/Adwords campaigns

English-French and German-French SEO translation

What is SEO translation?

Website content requires a different approach to print copy. When you wrote the original, you probably included keywords to attract search engine traffic.
For the translator, the first step is to determine the most effective keywords, i.e. the ones that will give you a better ranking than your competitors.
When writing the French copy, careful attention is payed to the length of the text, the titles and keyword and optimisation of content structure.

What services are included?

I offer several services, which can be combined, depending on requirements:

  • English/German to French SEO translation with appropriate keywords for your business
  • On-page optimisation (title, description and content of each web page)
  • Adwords campaign translation with keyword research, web content produced directly in French for your website, blog or online store.

Which CMS and file formats are suitable for SEO translation?

If you use WordPress or other content management system, I can work directly in your system to speed up the integration process.

The same goes for your Adwords campaigns.

For formats such as XML, YML etc., give me a call and we can determine feasibility. If you prefer a simple copy-paste into Word, that’s fine too!

I need other copy translated too, is that possible?

Of course. I can translate your technical and marketing copy too; so your communication is consistent across the board.