Technical translation services

English-French and German-French

For polished technical documents.

Your project

  • Ensure user safety
  • Offer polished, meticulously drafted technical documents
  • Coordinate sales and technical documents

What I offer

  • English-French and German-French technical translation
  • Company-wide terminology management (glossary-building)
  • Extra service: Marketing translation and SEO for other channels

Professional technical English-French and German-French translation services

Are you launching new products or services in a French-speaking market? Then you need to provide your customers with technical documentation in French.

Why professional technical translation?

User manuals, tutorials, instructions, software or application help sections, technical data sheets or installation guides: all require precise technical terminology and expert writing skills.
I apply the same exacting methods to commercial translation and produce French versions of annual or mid-term reports, internal procedures and press releases.

In which fields do you provide a specialist translation service?

  • IT and new technology
  • Photography
  • Renewable Energy
  • Industry

See full list on Specialist Fields

What about my other technical documents and marketing content?

To win over your clients, you need marketing material that is fully adapted to your French target audience. Choose a translator who knows your products.
A website plays an essential role in international expansion. I don’t stop at the French content, I also provide SEO translation and copywriting services.
Be prepared, I will be very inquisitive. In fact, we will work so closely together that I will end up knowing as much about your products as you do!
That’s because I need to ensure that:

  • your customers use your products safely,
  • your brand image is conveyed effectively in your new market.