Translation and copywriting services

Description of services

English to French and German to French translation and French copywriting

My services

  • SEO Translation: website translation, with keyword research and content optimization.
  • Marketing translation and transcreation: for marketing campaigns and advertising that requires more than straightforward translation.
  • Technical translation: for your technical and corporate documents (user manuals, in-house procedures, HR documents etc.) where precise terminology is of vital importance.
  • Localisation: translation and adaptation of software, applications and online services.
  • Online content: SEO-friendly French copywriting including keyword selection.

Languages and fields

  • In compliance with the ethics of my profession, and to ensure quality, I translate into my mother tongue, French, only.
  • I offer professional translation services from
    • English to French
    • German to French
  • We can converse in either of those languages, whichever suits you best.
  • The term translation covers written documents only. I do not offer an interpretation service (spoken word).
  • I work in a few specialist areas: web and IT, renewable energy, photography, marketing and corporate communication.
  • My clients are companies, NGOs and publishing houses.